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Why privacy first web is the future and why it matters

With the surge in users of privacy focused apps like Proton Mail, Brave (Browser) and VPN. It is clear that privacy is important to people. Still many have not considered or are oblivious to the harm that they may inadvertently cause themselves.

“I don’t care about privacy, I have nothing to hide” is a very common objection. But it is an incredibly naive way of thinking. While you may have nothing to hide, There are psychopaths and narcissists who have no other objective than to further their agenda ,who will use and misuse the information you provided in good faith. Such people tend to be incredibly common specially in positions of power in governments and large E corps.

Thought reform through advertising

Companies like google , amazon have a large amount of data on you. They know where you live, what you eat, how much you earn, what you like and dislike, your interests / hobbies. In most cases they know more about you than your own mother. This puts them in a position where they subtly suggest products and opinions that are not in your best interest.


The profile big tech creates about you can be used to discriminate based on your age, gender and socio economic status. While the world preaches equality of outcome for all. Algorithms are extremely unforgiving and can be highly biased. Discrimination can come in form of predatory pricing , censorship or detention.

Risk of Reputational and Physical Harm

Ecorps are constantly listening and analysing all your personal and private conversations. Already we have seen on youtube , channels being banned because their content was deemed unfit as per their policy by a bot. A future where they start using the same data to deny you access to services because they see you as a threat Is not far fetched.

As the Overton window constantly shifts. Your data if smuggled into the the wrong hands can be used to destroy your credibility and even cause personal attacks.

This is a good opportunity for privacy first , open source and ethical companies to come and build alternate solutions so that the web can be decentralised.

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